Name: Dr. Bader Hamad Almhelbi Alazmi 

Work Center: Member of  Basic Education College in Kuwait

Associate Professor, Department of Educational Foundation and Administration.

Qualifications :

  • Graduated from the Basic Education College  in Kuwait in 1993.
  • Teacher of Arts at the Ministry of Education’s Primary Stage (1993-1996).
  • Master of  Educational thought  from the University of Manchester, England in 1997.
  • PhD in  Islamic Education Thought  from the University of Birmingham, England  in 2002.
  • Member of Basic Education College in Kuwait , till now.
  • Director of Education, Direct Aid Association 2013.
  • Director of Education and Educational Advisor at the Islamic Center – Brazil since 2013.



  • Research entitled: (The reasons leading to the students of the Faculty of Basic Education in the State of Kuwait on the academic alerts) academic research refereed published in the Journal of the Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University – Kaher 2004.
  • Research entitled: “Attitudes of teachers of the primary stage towards the new educational ladder in light of the feminization of the primary stage in the State of Kuwait.” Academic research published by the publication of the Gulf magazine and the Arabian Peninsula Studies in the Scientific Publishing Council of Kuwait University.
  • Research entitled: “The Effect of Cartoon Films on Children in Primary School in the State of Kuwait”.
  • Research entitled: “The extent to which teachers of Islamic education use the school mosque as an educational means.”
  • Research entitled: (Contemporary trends of professional development in the field of education and educational vision of the academic analysis) published research refereed magazine reading and knowledge,. 2011
  • Research entitled (The professional difficulties facing faculty members) Research published in the Journal of Educational Sciences – Cairo 2009.
  • Research entitled “The Use of Corporal Punishment as an Educational Tool between Theory and Practice in the Perspective of Islamic Educational Thought”, published in the Journal of the Faculty of Education, Banha University 2010
  • Research entitled “The mental image of the West among Arabs and Muslims”, a specialized study conducted with the Ministry of Islamic Endowments in Kuwait and the communiqué partners in San Francisco, USA 2005 published at the Washington Conference.
  • Research entitled “The Effect of Media Programs on Children ‘s Views of Faith”, published paper, Journal of Educational and Social Studies, Faculty of Education, Helwan University. .
  • Research entitled “The use of corporal punishment to discipline children from the point of view of Islamic education”.
  • Research entitled “Trends of educational administrators towards the development of environmental participation in the Ministry of Education in Kuwait”
  • Research entitled “The role of socialization in the face of contemporary global challenges from the point of view of secondary school teachers in the State of Kuwait”
  • Research entitled “Correctional Education in the Thought of Sheikh Abdul Hamid bin Badis” published research and arbitrator 2017
  • (The reality of the professional development of faculty members in the institutions of higher education in the State of Kuwait and ways to develop them
  • Research entitled (Effect of the behavior of the teacher of the elementary stage (verbal – practical) on the personality of students
  • The Educational Role of Non-Profit Waqf Institutions and How to Invest in Educational Building (Presentation and Analysis of the Gulf Experience) Scientific Paper at the World Conference of Communities in Brazil 2016
  • The role of Arabic in promoting the Islamic culture of the Muslim communities in Brazil


Scientific expertise :

Participation in technical and professional committees:

Scientific Department Committees:

  • Secretary of the Department of Assets and Educational Administration
  • Member of the Appointments and Missions Committee, 2004
  • Member of the Scientific Conferences Committee, 2003
  • Member of the Social Affairs Committee, 2004
  • Member of the Cultural Committee 2006
  • Member of the Social Committee 2007
  • Member of the Committee of Research and Conferences 2009
  • Member of the Appointments Committee for 2011.
  • Chairman of the Cultural and Social Committee for 2011
  • Member of the Nominations and Appropriations Committee for 2012.
  • Chairman of the Budget Committee for the academic year 2012
  • Member of the Schedule Committee, Assets Department, 2013
  • Member of the Social Committee 2014
  • Member of the Committee of Research and Conferences 2016
  • Member of the Social Committee 2017

College Committees:

  • Member of Curriculum Development Committee, Faculty of Basic Education, 2010
  • Member of the Commission of Truth at the college level in 2007
  • Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry at the college level in 2008
  • Member of the Commission of Inquiry at the college level in 2009

Committees of the Commission:

  • Member of the Ministerial Preparatory Committee for the Thirteenth Meeting of the Committee of Heads and Directors of Universities and General Education Institutions in the Arab Gulf Countries – The General Authority for Applied Education Kuwait 2003.
  • Chairman of the organizing committee of the conference (teacher preparation program) at the level of the body 2017
  • Committees of the Ministry of Education:
  • Participation in the Technical Workshop of the Curriculum Development Committee of the Ministry
  • Participate in the development of the concept of values ​​in Islamic education and its applications in cooperation Jahra educational area 2008


  • Member of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference of Islamic Education in Western Society – organized by the University of Birmingham College of Education in 2000 in coordination with the academic supervisor at the university. United Kingdom.
  • Member of the Preparatory Committee for the First Intermediate Conference held in London in May 2006, organized by Kuwait Ministry of Awqaf.
  • Member and Supervisor of the Second Washington Intermediate Conference, November 2006, organized by Kuwait Ministry of Awqaf.
  • Member of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference on Distance Education in Algeria 2017
  • Member of the preparatory committee of the first Arab news broadcast forum in Abu Dhabi, June 2006
  • Member of the ESOMAR Global Society for Research and Studies (ESOMAR)
  • Member of World Research magazine.
  • Member and Vice-President of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students – United Kingdom and Ireland (1997-1999).
  • Member of the Preparatory Committee for the Fifth Student Scientific Conference, London 1997.
  • Member of the Preparatory Committee for the Sixth Student Scientific Conference, London, 1998.
  • Member of the Preparatory Committee for the Seventh Student Scientific Conference – London 1999.
  • Consultant of Research and Studies at the Advisor Company
  • Consultant for Online Surveys at Spic
  • Member of the Western Expert Group to study the image of the Middle East.
  • Participant in the Conference on the Development of Teaching Methods in Primary Schools in London in 2010
  • Participation in the workshops on developing Kuwaiti charitable works in cooperation with the Direct Aid Society in 2012
  • Member of the Preparatory Committee for the World Conference on the Study of the Conduct of Students of the Islamic Communities in Latin America Maringa City, Brazil, 2013
  • Conference on Quality Education in Public Schools in Britain – London 2018


Community Service :

  • A guest for a program on youth issues on Kuwaiti satellite and talk about the impact of unemployment on youth behavior. The episode was broadcast in December 2004
  • Lecture on the Effect of Media Materials on Primary School Students in Shawki Al Ayoubi Primary School for Boys 2005
  • Lecture on the impact of the application of the educational peace on the teachers of the primary stage 2004
  • A lecture entitled: Study Skills for High School Students, Al Ouzari Secondary School for Boys, Al – Omeerah District, 2007
  • Chairman of the Coordination Committee for the development of the concept of Islamic values ​​in the curricula of education in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Technical Guidance for Islamic Education in 2012
  • Lecture entitled “Emotional Education at the International Book Fair 2012”
  • Member of Kuwaiti Teachers Association.
  • Member of Kuwait Journalists Association.
  • Member of the Kuwaiti Literary Association.
  • Member of Direct Aid Society.
  • Member of the Islamic Center of Brazil.
  • Journalist for Al-Siyassa newspaper, 1992-2000
  • Author and editor of a fixed page in the Kuwaiti teacher magazine 1992-2001
  • Supervisory functions:
  • Director of Education in the Direct Aid Society in the State of Kuwait and direct supervisor of 200 schools and revision of curriculum in Arabic language and Islamic education 2013.
  • The Educational Advisor and Director of Education Affairs at the Islamic Center of Brazil and the supervisor of the education of the Islamic communities and the formulation of curricula in Arabic and translated into Portuguese since 2013 until now.
  • Educational Advisor at the Handicapped Club in Kuwait 2009-2010
  • Executive Director of Research and Studies at the Advisors Research Company from 2005 to 2008

Other experiences :

  • Faculty of Education, Kuwait University, Department of Assets, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010.
  • Academic supervisor for students of practical education at the college 2002/2003.
  • Instructor at Ali Al-Salem College of Military Sciences for the 2011 academic year
  • 97% of the annual evaluation of the measurement and evaluation center of the Faculty of Basic Education for the year 2002/2003/2004/2005, 2007, 2007, 2008, 2009. 2010. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • He holds a 94% appreciation in the annual calendar of Kuwait University, Faculty of Education, 2008, 2003/2004. 2003.
  • Full-time study for one year at the University of Birmingham in England for the academic year 2008
  • Graduated for a year at Maringa University in Brazil for the academic year 2018
  • Implementation of educational courses in Sudan schools in 2011
  • Implementing teacher development courses in Togo, Benin and Niger in 2013
  • Publishing 
  • Member of the Association of Kuwaiti Fathers
  • A series of educational books:
  • Introduction to Islamic Educational Thought – Course for students of the Faculty of Basic Education, Publishing and distribution of Al Falah Library – Kuwait 2005.
  • Al-Durr Al-Bahi from Tafseer al-Qurtubi – Printed by Kuwait Teachers Association.
  • In the Rehab of Ramadan – Printing the Jahra educational district in the Ministry of Education.
  • The Nation of the Quran – Printed by the International Islamic Charitable Organization.
  • The negative effects of drugs – the printing of the Commission for the treatment of addicts.
  • Emotional Culture Series: Educational Issues in the Gender Relationship:
  • Talk of reassurance in the philosophy of love. 2011
  • Culture of passion. 2012
  • A literary novel. 2011


Scientific sessions :

  • Many advanced computer courses.
  • Successful Leadership Course
  • Time Management Course
  • Press Editing Course 1995
  • An intensive course in the field of public speaking and speaking, organized by the Ministry of Awqaf in 1995.
  • Course of the foundations of modern leadership.
  • A training course for the international team coach Antonio Robbins, London February 2006
  • Course of Thinking – General Authority for Applied Education and Training – October 2008.
  • Computer Course in Classroom, Applied Education – November 2008.
  • Portuguese course for beginners 2012
  • Portuguese Course for Candidates Brazil 2013
  • Swahili language course


Languages ​​:

  • Arabic fluently
  • Fluent English
  • Portuguese conversation
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