Culture of passion

This is the book of love .. I will send you an emotional culture ..
I wrote to those who know … who in their love lies the secret of existence ..
Messages complement each other .. revised, and described, and ranked, and reviewed until kept fifteen letters after it was thirty .. And numbered four hundred pages after it was eight hundred ..
And then the perfection that brings you up to the sky until dreams come to be a sky in the ground where the wheat fields are planted, linking the man to the woman, and build the building of the full family that bear fruit The longing between them in a high-profile environment ..
Written to identify the man in the recognition of the nature of women, and to identify women in the nature of men ..
I wrote to teach people that love is heavenly and that people call it earthly.
Written to assess the matter between men and women on the platform of truth, not balances of falsehood ..
I wrote to live uprightness in love after people lived in it.
I wrote because the despotism of the people of lusts with love is greater than asking the people of truth.
For my son, love has become a pretext for incest after it was a means of safeguarding it.

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