Talk of Tranquility

It was said in ancient times … If your wind blows, take it …
And I have felt the winds of the spirit of my thoughts and felt until I finished these words, God if I delayed in writing these lines I may never write them, these words part of me, and the rest of what left the longing and the fine grams, written by the hands Almtodh, and consciously, and in a terrible way, And I did not buy a little price for it, but it was the source of my strength, the joy of its life, and we both smiled. He then laughed and then wept and then smiled again.
I was happy to write it, and was happy to read it, and we were happy for this book, which reads with the eye of the soul, not the eye of the body. Each letter has the meaning of Khaled, understood only by those who were members of the old tranquility institution and others.
These words are my share of her world, and she is my share of her heart, and she is from her mind. We have lived there for ages, and we will live there another time,


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